Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bi Rain and Lee Hyori Mutual Confession?!

Lee Hyori ‘love’ confession??
News has it that the Korean pop King, Bi Rain, confessed his attraction to the Korean pop queen, Lee Hyori.
Lee Hyo Ri
It was reported that both Rain and Lee Hyori has been friends for a long time and knows each other well. Lee Hyori reacted positively to Rain’s remark by saying that although she made a statement on never to date a man within the same industry, she had to admit that she find Rain as an impressive and attractive man.
Sense like something hot burning up?
There was an incident you see, and before this, the sexy pop queen admitted that she never see Rain as a man, not until long ago during the filming of MBC ‘Come To Play’, Lee Hyori made a statement, “I have never looked at Rain as someone from the opposite gender, but an incident which happened a while back have made me changed the way I look at him. I went to the same tanning shop that Rain goes. And our rooms were separated by a partition which has an opening on top. In the next room, I heard Rain taking off his shirt and applying the lotion. And I don’t know why, I started imagining things.” and everyone in the studio burst out in laughter.

I’m In Love! Confession from Gyuri of KARA

It’s a confession without much hesitation!
Gyuri from KARAThe group leader of KARA, a popular Korean girl group that made it big with the song Butterfly, Park Gyuri said that she’s like head over heels in love with the top Korean national football star, who also played for Manchester United and the captain of the Korean Football team in the ongoing FIFA World Cup – Park Ji Sung!
Shocked! But I guess it’s only natural…
According to Gyuri, she’s very much attracted to Ji Sung’s handsome face and his brilliant performance on the field. She said,”Honestly speaking, I fell in love with Ji Sung every time I looked at him, he made my heart beats faster.” She also said,”As part of my support for him, I believe he will do his best for this World Cup.”
Well, Gyuri, Ji Sung did played and performed well for the World Cup, but I guess the team is not yet ready for the semi finals after they’ve lost 2-1 to Uruguay. But competition would be high to win Ji Sung’s heart right? Bet many popular, young, sexy Korean girls are going after him. Anyway, way to go girl! For the brave confession. Guess that will be a good headstart.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Admission Selena Gomez About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has denied the affair between her and Justin, the show "Ellen DeGeneres Show. " The singer can only laugh when he lured the refutation.

Based on, DeGeneres plays the old video of Gomez who dismissed the rumors about its relationship with Bieber.

"He's like my brother. It was weird for me," Gomez said in his previous appearances in the event.

Gomez did not have good answers to describe their current relationship. "Do not take me to jail! I do not know! I do not know!," said 18-year-old girl.

"Now you show (the relationship) to the public. (you) are fooling me," said DeGeneres.

Gomez replied, "No, I do not do it ... She is a sweet guy."

DeGeneres continued to heat up the atmosphere.

"He does not like your brother, does not it? No, he did not. And, he is a fantastic man. You can not hide it forever. I know you all secretly but that's crazy. You two are a big star and can not hide from we are! "

"I'm not lying to you. I do not think about it. I would say," Gomez defense.

"No, you do not blatantly lie. (But) a brother is not someone who wants you date," said DeGeneres.

Arumi And Miller

Conflict Arumi Bachsin young artist with his family now, no meeting point, a conflict which allegedly caused by a Malaysian artist is also now reaping the bad news. 

Gossip began to spread, if Arumi Bachsin now pregnant with a child suspected of Miller who accused her parents have done hegomoni against Arumi. 

But this is disputed by his relatives, Lusi Bachsin Arumi not confirm the condition of being pregnant, "There are no signs of being pregnant," she said.

Even according to him, his nephew is in good condition and insists it is just cheap gossip.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Commission on Child Arist Merdeka Sirait said the conflict experienced by the young artist is a conflict like two teenagers, "So you should go back to the family, do not involve others," he said in Jalan TB Simatupang, South Jakarta, Friday (25 / 03/2011).

Arumi Bachsin since November 2010 had protected KPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Commission) because the claims of forced arranged marriage with a businessman from Ghost and finally to the current conflict widened.